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Registered trademark of Luwax AF types BASF

®Scanning electron micrograph of Luwax AF 32 Micropowder (magnified 1400 x) Applications inks ®The Luwax AF types are very finely micronized polyethylene waxes. They can be added to all types of inks in order to improve their rub resistance. Their fineness allows them to be dispersed together with the pigments. Alternatively, they can be added at room .

SelfService CarWash | EHRLE The better way to clean

SelfService CarWash Systems Brushless cleaning with ActivePower Pearl MicroPowder The EHRLE ActivePower Pearl MicroPowder removes the dirt film by direct mechanical contact of specially developed fine micropowder beads, which are applied to the surface to be cleaned by means of a highpressure gun with a special ceramic nozzle.


Other characteristics: With the specific innovative physical matting method, MICROBARI ® 44MAT provides a better choice for matting powder coating production, specially treated MICROBARI ® 44MAT barium sulfate forms a perfect reflection angle in the coating film with its unique uniform crystal cube shape, and enough scattering provides a miraculous matting effect.

PTFE Micropowders Shamrock Technologies

What is PTFE Powder? It's a type of micropowder used to reduce friction between contacting surfaces. Learn how it's produced and the various grades.

Micro Powders Inc | Micronized Wax Additives, .

Micro Powders delivers the chemical solution needed to enhance your formulations, including: Micronized wax blends. Wax emulsions. Wax dispersions. Specialty polymers. Request a Sample > Request a Custom Solution > Industrial > Personal Care > X. Request Solution > X. Our rapid worldwide delivery from local stock ensures our clients receive the products they need in real .

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Micropowders is a leader in micro milling services, with a global customer base that spans a diverse range of manufacturing sectors. Micropowders' stateoftheart plant and equipment enables jet or mechanical milling to particles sizes of micron or sub micron. Micropowders provides a range of milling materials for industrial, food, pharmaceutical, health, nutrition, .

MicroPowder Dosing | EHRLE The better way to clean

A powdered cleaning agent is always freshly mixed with the highpressure jet during cleaning. The perfectly tuned combination of active wash substances as well as nonionic and anionic tensides work together with the ActivePower Pearl MicroPowder complexing agents like thousands of little sponges guaranteeing that the vehicle surface is cleaned poredeep in combination with hot .


Known as DEUREX THE WAX COMPANY we offer one of the most extensive product portfolios in the area of waxes. The category product search offers the possibility to find your preference product very easily. "Products", "Product families", "Delivery forms" und "Applications" are four starting points to find the wax that fits perfectly to your needs. Products. Product families. .

Fluorez PTFE Micropowder

Fluorez™ PTFE MicropowderF200 F200 is very fine PTFE powder and very capable to be the additives in inks, paintings, plastics and variety of elastomers. F200 has all PTFE properties in chemical and temperature resistance, reduces friction, and enhances lubrication.

3M™ Dyneon™ PTFE Micropowder TF 9207Z

3M™ Dyneon™ PTFE Micropowder TF 9207Z ist ein weißes, nicht rieselfähiges Agglomerat aus feinem, niedermolekularem PTFEMikropulver. Das Agglomerat hat eine Teilchengröße von rund 4 μm. Besondere Merkmale: nahezu universelle Chemikalienbeständigkeit, gute Antihafteigenschaften, reduzierter Reibungswiderstand, großer Betriebstemperaturbereich

Licowax® C powder (Wax and Paraffin) Clariant: .

Licowax® C Powder by Clariant is an amide wax of type N,Nbisstearyl ethylenediamine with particularly good thermostability. Licowax C has no influence on .

Tungsten Disulfide Micropowder | AMERICAN ELEMENTS

Tungsten Disulfide Micropowder is a crystalline form of tungsten sulfide ideal for use in solutions and semiconductor thin films with appplications in optics, electronics, transitors, and energy storage. American Elements tungsten disulfide micropowders typically have an average particle size of microns and are generally immediately available in most volumes. American .

Waschanlage ActivePower Pearl MicroPulver

Das EHRLE ActivePower Pearl MicroPulver® wurde von den Fachleuten unserer Chemieabteilung speziell für den Einsatz an SBWaschanlagen entwickelt und über die Jahre konsequent verbessert und den Umweltschutzbedingungen angepasst.. Der erste Schritt einer Fahrzeugreinigung ist das Reinigen mit ActivePower Pearl MicroPulver®.Dies ist die Grundlage .


MICROPOWDER INDUSTRIAL is a joint venture corporation owning high grade barite mine mountains and specializing in manufacturing and developing micornized minerals. We successfully built up the high quality micronfine powders production facilities in China in 1999 by putting into use the worldclass air jet mill and classifier equipments introduced from .

PTFE Micropowder Gujarat Fluorochemicals Limited

PTFE Micropowder Properties Nominal Value Unit Test Method Appearance Bulk Density Mean Particle Size Nitrogen Adsorption Melting point ASTM D4894 ASTM D4894 White free flowing powder g/l 275 m²/g <3 326 μm 8 °C (°F) Specific Surface area ASTM D4894 ® Food Contact Statement INOLUB™T302 is available in kg corrugated boxes, packed in a green coloured .


E+ Micropowder. Spherical micropowder based on polymethylsilsesquioxane (PMSQ) The E+ highperformance additive has a fine, controlled particle distribution and outstanding chemical and physical properties. E+ provides excellent chemical and solvent resistance and a very high temperature stability. A waterrepellent effect is created thanks to its hydrophobic character. .